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How iLife Increased Efficiency & Productivity for Healthcare Genius
Healthcare Genius, a life insurance agency, faced challenges such as inefficient processes, limited policy options, and a decline in the number of agents.

iLife enabled Healthcare Genius to:
✅  Increase Productivity
✅  Increase Efficiency
✅  Improve Client Engagement
✅  Reduce Costs

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After careful evaluation, Michael Gerali CLU, ChFC, founding partner of Healthcare Genius, chose the iLife platform to address his agency's challenges. 

Watch this brief video to hear firsthand how iLife streamlined Healthcare Genius' operations by consolidating everything in one place. With iLife, agents seamlessly run quotes, manage their business, and communicate, all in one consolidated platform, eliminating the need for multiple programs.

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Use the iLife CRM to grow your agency

Unlock the full potential of your insurance agency with the ultimate insurance CRM
Our comprehensive platform is designed to optimize team productivity and streamline your workflows, so you can focus on growing your agency.
With iLife, you can:

✅  Manage your teams effectively
✅  Exceed your sales targets
✅  Reduce your sales cycle timeline
✅  Ensure high client satisfaction

“When I was looking at options, iLife stood out from the competition
because it is not singularly focused. It helps you do many things – not just one.”

Michael Gerali, Founder of Healthcare Genius

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Learn how Healthcare used iLife to increase productivity and grow their business